Grandfather of Roman Antonio Dodge

Though born in Indiana in 1782 as Moses Henry Dodge, he was a sixth generation American Dodge and commonly known as just Henry Dodge. However there was nothing common about Henry Dodge. He was everything from soldier to statesman and many things in between. This short biographical sketch cannot do justice to the accomplishments in his life, but the following words can be used to describe Henry Dodge.
Lawman....Chief Justice of County Court....Governor of Wisconsin Territory....US Senator....Military Leader....Conqueror....Explorer....Father....Husband....Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominee....Buffalo hunter....Business Man                            

    Moses Henry Dodge married Christiana McDonald in 1801. Besides several daughters, they had two sons who would also be written about in American history books. Henry Lafayette Dodge who served in several military positions and as Indian Agent to the Navajo Indians, and is the ancestor of the Hispanic branch of the Dodge Family in New Mexico. The second son, Augustus Caesar Dodge, was a statesman like his father, and in fact, was a United States Senator for Iowa at the same time his father was a Senator for Wisconsin in the mid 1850s.

Dodge Family

   The Hispanic Dodge Ancestry site is dedicated to researching and reporting on the history, ancestors and descendants of Henry Lafayette Dodge and Juana Sandoval. Theirs is a true story of mystery, intrigue, love, adultery, survival, and death.  

​    While the early 1850s and the settlement of the American West is the national setting, the local setting is the New Mexico Territory with a variety of Native Americans, deeply rooted Spanish Mexicans, and a new “white” government that are all fighting over land, water, religion and the very right to survive. 

     This site is owned by Brenda Dodge, wife of R. Henry Dodge, the great great grandson of Henry Lafayette Dodge and Juana Sandoval. Over a year ago we embarked on a research journey trying to solve the mystery of  how a Hispanic family in New Mexico got the English name of Dodge.

    Through much hard work, a few discussions with the elders of the family, many miles of travel to various research locations, a subscription to, and the science of DNA, we found the truth. The information on this site is just a fraction of the information that has been uncovered.  

 If you are a Hispanic Dodge I would like you to meet your ancestor, Roman Antonio Dodge, the first Hispanic Dodge in the family line.

Major family names that intertwine with this family include: 

Aragon  Arguello   Baca  Castro  Dodge  Flores    Gonzales  Lopez  Madrid  Marroquin  Martinez   Mirabal  Moya  Nieto Ortiz   Otero   Padilla    Rodriquez  Sandoval 

These are the more current Hispanic names associated with the family. There are many more older names along with the family names associated with the Dodge family left behind in Wisconsisn.

Maria Cayetana Altagracia Silva is the daughter of Jesus Maria Silva and Anastasia Martinez. She was born August 7, 1862 in Galisteo, New Mexico. She is one of fifteen children and is said to have been friends with Billy the Kid.

   She married Roman Antonio Dodge on August 12, 1876 in Puerto de Luna. She saw 5 of her 12 children die before adulthood and watched 2 of her remaining 3 daughters die as a result of giving birth to their children. Martina was 32 and Anastasia a tender 17 years old when they were buried, leaving behind their infants to be cared for by other family members, possibly even their Nana Cayetana.

       Tales are told of her carrying a pistol at all times, and when one considers the history of the region with all its outlaws and gangs, she probably was not the only woman that carried a gun to protect herself or her family. Perhaps it was with her personal pistol that she killed her second husband, Fernando Ortiz for abusing one of her sons, or so the rumor goes. She was also known to out drink her grown sons. She died in Puerto de Luna, New Mexico on March 22, 1941.

Hispanic Dodge Ancestry